With more than a quarter century in the M&A trade, Suitegum knows best about business valuations.

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We are the "go-to crowd" for conducting valuations on their clients' businesses.

What We Say


Effective business valuation is honest and uncompromised. It should be fundamental to placing a business in objective perspective. 


Finding, retaining, and dealing with a business broker in the process of selling your business are serious considerations. 

We solve business valuation problems

Let us tell you how!

What They Say

Friendly and professional approach

The sale of my business was an emotional journey, and Mark was there for me throughout the process. From the outset my experience with Mark and Suitegum was a pleasant experience, Mark’s approach was both professional and friendly.

He made me feel at ease throughout the process: from the methodology used to indicate the value of the business, right up to the advice received at the signing of the contract.

Mark applied his mind to all my questions, from accounting questions right through to law questions, and the answered seemed to be well research and made sense. 

I would recommend Mark to any person preparing to sell their business.


Google find

Many, many thanks for the valuation. I am so grateful for having found you on “Google”.

Beth wallace

Holistic approach

My company had previously received two valuations from accounting firms with an enormous disparity in the results. It was clear that they had only used our financial statements without looking at the myriad of other factors that make up a business.

Mark has a far more holistic approach which takes into account over 30 valuation indicators to produce an unbiased and realistic assessment of a company's true market value.

Jeremy Robinson