Customer grade counselling

In the first three presentations on key value indicators (KVIs) I used the examples of exposures to premises and to customers to show how strengths and weaknesses in each business can contribute to perceptions of, and actual value in a business.

This short video shows how questions are asked and answered to get an indication for each business as to how that particular KVI, in that business, in that industry, and even within the greater environment; should be positioned. In a world subject to scientific measurement at every turn, this methodology manages to streamline some of the “art of valuation” into something more defendable.

The valuation interview interrogates all the KVI areas of a business, and apportions strength or weakness scores to each, which is then applied to a profile for a particular industry, within other global sub categories, such as geographical, societal and economic.

The video is simplified, to give an idea of the process without confusing the overall message.

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